Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Music and CHD

The effect of Music therapy is said to have an impact on adults and Infants who have heart diseases but, there are no explores in this field. Thus, recently a study was carried on to check the effect of Music therapy on infants who were affected with CHD and were in the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit (CICU). 
Five infants in the CICU received music therapy entrainment 3–5 times per week for up to 3 weeks. Sessions took place both prior to and after the infant’s surgical cardiac repair. Heart rate, respiratory rate, blood pressure, and oxygen saturations were recorded every 15 seconds for 20 minutes prior to the intervention (baseline), during the 20-minute music therapy entrainment (intervention), and for 20 minutes after the intervention (return to baseline). Comparisons of baseline to intervention measures were based on means, standard deviations, and derivatives of the signal.


Four of 5 infants experienced a decrease in average heart and respiratory rates as well as improvement in the derivative of the heart rate signal. Greater improvements were found when infants were located in the open bay and were receiving sedatives or narcotics.


The study was carried out to show an initial evidence on the effectiveness of Music therapy against CHD in infants. This was, just started as a baseline of the Music therapy. 

Source: https://goo.gl/rU5Ncu

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