Thursday, 14 June 2018

Target Organ Damage

Target Organ Damage refers to the damage caused in organs fed by the circulatory system as heart, kidney, brain, eyes, etc., which are caused by sustained Hypertension.

Hypertensive damage on the organs can be like:

  • Heart: Thick wall lining up the heart muscles, results can be seen in electrocardiogram screening 
  • Kidney: Leakage of protein into urine or reduced renal function. 
  • Eye: This can be tested on fundoscopic evidence of hypertensive retinopathy. 
  • Skin: Paller or mottled appearance. 
  • Brain: Orientation to time, person, and place. 

Hypertension, as we think, doesn't affect just one or two organs but instead, it affects each and every organ in the human body. Thus, keeping the blood pressure in control is highly essential to stay healthy.

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