Friday, 4 May 2018

Stress Management

In order to improve the everyday functioning of a person wide spectrum of techniques and psychotherapies are used for managing the stress, a person is undergoing. Usually, the term ‘stress’ has a negative impact thus stress management is referred to as ‘eustress’ which means helpful. Smoking and consumption of alcohol increase stress which in turn increases the blood pressure level. Stress in simple terms can be referred to as a persons physical and emotional effect towards change. There are both positive and negative sources of stress. Mostly stress refers to tending ourselves through a threatening situation. Stress is developed when we think demands are more than our coping abilities. Stress wouldn’t allow us to take any decision properly. Stress can be managed by changing the situation, the way we think (cognitive restructuring) and by the way we respond. Meditation and mindfulness are the best practices for stress management

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